Keg The Australian Francis V2

Keg The Australian Francis V2 Keg The Australian Francis V2
Author"s Readme/Notes

Its my very first skin, redone with better coloured arms, a few new or redone tats (on neck as well as arms), gold chain, Australian rugby league shirt, R.M. Williams jeans and thongs (flip-flops — aussies call them thongs);thanks to my mate LOITERER for those.

the biker folder incudes 4 files, 2 VTF one each for head and body, and 2 VMT which fix the colours when your barfed on by Boomer, so be sure to use all files, a readme is also included explaining the whitelist and pak file changes.

thanx HEAPS to my bud LOITERER, who kindly helped whenever needed.

As you can probably tell by the theme of the skin, i"m an Aussie.

Hope you all enjoy but if you dont thats cool, thank for taking a look anyway, just dont comment with crap, unless your just being light hearted and taking the piss as us Aussies would say.
Скачать с aussie_pride_francisv2.rar aussie_pride_francisv2.rar
 FPSBanana: aussie_pride_francisv2.rar
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