Colt M16A2

Colt M16A2 Colt M16A2
Author"s Readme/Notes

This is my reinterpretion of the default L4D M16.
I couldn"t stand that the flashlight was glued into the sling hook, therefore I made a simple tape model which Millenia UVed and skinned for me <3
This replacement comes with the choice of two top-notch textures; if you want your gun roughed up you should choose AcidSnake"s textures, if you like it smooth and clean go for Stoke"s.
Since I started only with Stokes textures, I worked pretty long on new normal maps for them, while AcidSnakes textures use the default shaders.
ps: I know that the regular version of the M16a2 can"t fire in full auto mode, let"s just assume it"s a M16A2E3 before everybody starts being a smart ass, alright?


  • Choose out of two textures

  • High Quality Normal Maps and Phong Shading

  • LOD world models for higher performance


  • Before replacing any default L4D content, make backups!

  • This replacement only works in single player or on non-dedicated servers!

  • Before joining a dedicated server, restore the original weapon script file!

Extended Credits:

  • Model by:
    Twinke Masta (M16)
    Malignant (Flashlight)
    modderfreak (Tape)

  • UVMaps by:
    Twinke Masta (M16)
    Malignant (Flashlight)
    Millenia (Tape)

  • Skins by:
    Blackfire (Flashlight)
    Millenia (Tape)

  • Animations by:

  • Hack, LODs, Compiles and Normal Maps by:
Скачать с colt_m16a2.rar colt_m16a2.rar
 FPSBanana: colt_m16a2.rar
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