Dual-tone Pistol

Dual-tone Pistol Dual-tone Pistol
Author"s Readme/Notes

The following is the readme included in the download.

This is a very basic recolor for
the pistol in left 4 dead, making
it a dual-tone color.


Regular Install (Non-compatible with other skins): Place the «pistol» folder in the
following directory: «…left4dead\materials\models\v_models\weapons.»

You do not need the .cfg if you got it from another skin pack before.
If you haven"t, copy and paste it into your «left4dead» directory, and
replace the original.

Copy and paste the .vpk file provided in the «left4dead» directory as
well, and overwrite the original.

Enjoy the skin.

**If you wish to use this with other skins you have, you will need

Here is a link to the download site:

DO NOT use the .vpk file provided if you wish to use with other skins, you
are going to be editing your original file.

Open up «pak01_dir.vpk» in your left4dead directory.
Hit CTRL+F and type in «pistol_reference»
Search until you find the «$basetexture…» line of text.
Place a 2 in the pistol_reference line. (pistol_reference2).
Save it, and enjoy.
Скачать с FileSpace.ru: dual-tone_m1911.rar
DepositFiles.com: dual-tone_m1911.rar
 FPSBanana: dual-tone_m1911.rar
Ссылка на оригинал: www.fpsbanana.com/skins/55842

Cсылка на эту страницу: 

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