SoulSlayer and Kimono M4

SoulSlayer and Kimono M4 SoulSlayer and Kimono M4
Author"s Readme/Notes

Here ya go, the first (well second) custom weapon for Left4Dead, SoulSlayer and Kimono"s M4.
Before you jump at me, I"m sorry, I didn"t know it wasn"t allowed to convert INS models to another mod, if anyone had told me that in the comments I"d have removed it myself instead of it having to be trashed by a mod.
And before you ask, this one allows derivative works, it says so on the skin licence here.


Model: Soul_slayer
Textures: Kimono
Smoothing/Normals: L0RDN00B
Animations: Valve
Compile: Snapples

Warning: READ THIS!!!

This custom model only works in single player or on
non-dedicated servers (servers you or other regular players
Go to your left4dead/scripts folder first and save a BACKUP of
weapon_rifle.txt!!! If you play online, switch back to the original
weapon_rifle.txt file. And when you play offline or on another player"s server, use the one included with this release.
Sorry but it"s the only way.

To compile viewmodels for Left4Dead, follow my tutorial:
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