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L4D » Кампании » Кровавая жатва (Blood Harvest) You need to get to the house with barely any damage loss. Remember that it can be a little different each time, but chances are that the strategy should stay the same. If anyone dies before the field, just restart the map. Start off by having one person run outside the train and just stand there for about 15−20 seconds. A huge wave of infected should come out of nowhere, so get back in the safe house and close the door. Once you kill them and rid yourselves of the bosses who wait outside, make your way to the end of this section. Watch for infected who will run out of the trees. If you happen to run into a Tank, hit him from a distance as you back up all the way to the safe house. This should be extremely easy since you have a lot of time. Stay on the tracks so you don"t back up into any trees. Once you get to the train car, go up the ladder and clear out any infected or bosses that get in your way. There may be horde that rushes towards you, so make sure to clear them off the sides of the train car before they can get up. Once you get to the cliff, make sure everyone"s health is in the green and pick off any stray infected that you see in the field. Chances are a few bosses might try to get you from behind so take them out. Once you are all ready, jump off the cliff at the same time and make your way to the tractor. The horde are going to come at you quick, so have three people get up on the front of the tractor and have one use the walkway on the back. http://i38.tinypic.com/x5yzvo.jpg] Keep shoving the infected as they surround you since they may be able to hit you if they get close. If anyone falls off and gets knocked over, everyone should focus on getting headshots while the infected attack the downed survivor. If you lose anyone at this point then don"t worry since they will spawn in the house right beside you. Once you clear the horde, make your way to the barn and the garage. Clear out any infected you see and collect any gas cans or pipe bombs that you may find. The infected will not come until you activate the radio, so use this time to go around the entire farm area and clear out every zombie. Heal up and grab your ammo while make sure all the doors are closed downstairs. Head upstairs and go into the room to the left. It is the children"s room with one window. http://i35.tinypic.com/246s0so.jpg] Close the door behind you and wait for the horde. Have one person crouch and shove at the door and one right behind who will shoot. There should be one person at the window who will shove and one on the bed who will be shooting out and helping with the door if needed. Knock off the wood on the window before you start so you have a safe way to get out. Most of the bosses will be coming from the inside, so keep shoving and shooting out the door. I was able to use my pistols for that part since only a few infected can actually come at you at a time. This should be extremely easy and you shouldn"t lose any health. If a boomer hits you and knocks you back, move forward and keep doing what you are doing. If a Smoker or Hunter grabs a hold of you or another, quickly shove the person to release them. Once the first wave is over, everyone should jump out the window and head to the far back of the area. Watch out for the Boomer as you jump out. If he pukes on anyone, get behind the others and quickly take the infected out. The Tank will be making his way towards you from either side of the house, so watch out for rocks. http://i38.tinypic.com/28ixqwi.jpg] There is a chance he may go through the house first so watch for that. If you find any propane Tanks, set them up under the window that you jumped out of so you can use it on the Tank if he goes near it. Have one person get the Tanks attention and get him to follow you around the house. While he is chasing you, have the rest of the team continue to pound him with shots from behind. Make sure you don"t hit the person doing the distracting, because if he starts to slow down, he is a goner. You health needs to be above the yellow for this. If you are really feeling brave, run backwards while shooting to take him down faster. He will keep trying to cut you off, so move from left to right to throw him off. If he stops to throw a rock, make sure you dodge it and continue moving. You may run into a hunter so make sure you shove him in the air before he gets you and hope that someone has a clear shot. Once the first Tank is down, quickly go back inside and refill on ammo/health. Get back up to the room and do everything over again. Once the horde is gone, do the same thing to the 2nd Tank. Kill him and get ready for the ending. The rescue vehicle will come from behind the house and will stop right in front of the barn. Get to the back of it and get inside. The infected will most likely be right on top of you, so keep shoving them off as everyone boards safely. If everything goes according to plan, you should make it out alive. Tips: — Everyone should have full health and a med pack as you get to the house. There are a few pills scattered throughout the farm, so save them. — If you happen to find any pipe bombs, then save them for when the Tanks come. If there are any infected running around, you need to get them away from the one distracting the Tank. If they grab on to him, the Tank will catch him. Save at least one pipe bomb for the very end when the rescue vehicle arrives. — If the boomer pukes on you, get back to position and don"t worry about the infected. As long as you keep your crosshair at head level you shouldn"t have a problem. Use your pistols if you can and help the person crouching by shoving a bit yourself if he gets overwhelmed. — Clear every zombie out before hitting the radio. You don"t want them causing trouble later.
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