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Left 4 Dead can be played two ways: through a dedicated server, usually hosted at a datacenter, or hosted on a player"s PC (LAN game). A LAN game is limited by the power of the player"s computer and their internet connection. Dedicated servers are recommended for the best experience because they"re on «dedicated» hardware whose sole function is to host a game. They"re hooked up with fast connections and provide everybody the best experience.

You can purchase a dedicated server at GameServers.com for 11.95 for a private server or 17.95 for a public server. The difference between a private and a public is that you must always have the password enabled on a private server.

Left 4 Dead Private Dedicated Server Instructions

Originally posted by Shacknews member H@rvester. This guide is to get a dedicated server running on your own PC.

Login to Steam, Go to My Games -> Tools and make sure Left 4 Dead Dedicated Server is downloaded.

Open notepad and put the following into a new file:
Replace the name and passwords with what you would like to use.

hostname «Left4Dead411.com Is Awesome Server» // Server Name
rcon_password «blahblah» //Set remote control password
sv_password «thisisthepassword» // Password protect server
sv_lan 0 // Disable LAN
mp_disable_autokick 1 // Disable Autokick
sv_cheats 0 // Disallow Cheats
sv_clearhinthistory 0 //Clear Server Side Hint History
sv_consistency 1 //Enforce file consistency
sv_pausable 0 //Server not pausable
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 // Disable Lobby Connections
sv_unreserve // Don"t list publicly

Save the file as server.cfg in Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead demo\left4dead\cfg\

Open Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead demo\left4dead\mapcycle.txt
Make sure it reads the following 2 lines ONLY:


Create a shortcut on your desktop to:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead demo\srcds.exe
Right click the shortcut and in the «Target» text box append:

-autoupdate -console -game left4dead -nomaster +map l4d_dem_hospital01_apartment

Double click your shortcut to start your dedicated server.
Your server will be a private server that only you and your friends can connect to using your password.

Connecting to your dedicated server
Tell this to your friends who you want to connect.
Start your Left 4 Dead game client
Go into Keyboard Options and Enable Developer Console
Press ~ to bring up your developer console
type «connect YOUR.IP.ADDRESS»
The loading screen will come up.
Press ~ during the loading screen, and you will see the password box.
Type in the password that you set for your server.

This guide assumes you know how to forward the correct game ports to your computer if you are behind a router/firewall.

Connecting via server browser
Press ~ to bring up developer console.
Type openserverbrowser
The server browser comes up, you can add your server to favorites with your ip address.
Then you can double click and put in the password to play.

Server admins: Download L4D

The Left 4 Dead Dedicated Server Files are available. To install the Windows version go to this website which gives you some instructions.

You must download HLDSUpdatetool from the VALVe webserver and get the L4D demo using the command line:

hldsupdatetool -command update -game l4d_demo -dir [directory here]

All of the files will be downloaded.

The L4D Server System

Eric Smith from Valve said the following in the HLDS mailing list:

We"ll be releasing the Left 4 Dead dedicated server files prior to the Left 4 Dead demo being released. More details will be sent to the mailing lists when we have them.

There are two things to keep in mind regarding running a Left 4 Dead server:

1) The CPU load for the Left 4 Dead server will be higher than you"re used to for games like TF2. Left 4 Dead has a bunch of A.I. for the zombies, etc., that games like TF2 don"t have.

2) Left 4 Dead uses a new matchmaking system we"re developing. We"ll be working with the server admin community to make sure the new system operates as smoothly as possible. More details on this later.

Read our questions on the matchmaking system in this news post which is based on the following information by Eric Smith:

Left 4 Dead will use the new matchmaking system we"ve been working on.

The new matchmaking system replaces the traditional server browser. By running a public dedicated server your server will be added to a list of servers available for clients to use when playing. Games are started from a Game Lobby by clients, who are then connected to a dedicated server when they start the game. When they"re done, your server is added back to the list of available servers. Clients will be able to «Quick Match», «Play Online», and «Play With Friends» when they want to play a game.

You will still have access to the traditional Message of the Day for your server. For Left 4 Dead, we"ve added a banner ad you can create that will be displayed to clients when they"re playing on your server. There is also a ranking system to show the popularity of your server.

This is the first version of what we"ve been working on, and we"re going to want feedback from all of you once things start turning up tomorrow.

We"ll see what happens, as of right now people are able to host their own Left 4 Dead servers or use LAN instead (on certain connections).

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