The Way of The Hunter -- A How-To Guide On Being a Hunter

L4D » Зараженные » Охотник I. Introduction: The Hunter in my opinion is the best infected class to play if played by a decent player. I have seen way to many people play this special infected class poorly. The abilities of the hunter are not limited just to it"s pounce. Hunters also have the ability to pounce from wall to wall which can confuse the survivors and/or scare the players. His pounce is also able to deal a hefty 25 initial damage. With aim and patience you will be able to fly through the air and slam the survivor to the ground. II. Pouncing: Pouncing is both the main way of transportation for the hunter and its primary attack. Even though pouncing to get places sounds good, it really isn"t if you are trying to be stealthy. You emit a high pitched screech when you unleash your pounce, alerting survivors of your presence. To get into detail, the hunters initial pounce damage can be determined by the height and distance traveled which basically means airtime. This damage is capped at 25 which is a fourth of a survivors health. When the hunter lands on an unfortunate player it causes his buddies around him to be pushed back for about 1.5 seconds. In this time you will be able to get a couple good hits in. With the push back and the initial damage the hunter will be able to deal out 30+ damage per pounce. Over pouncing is always better than under-pouncing because if you are going to far you are able to hold down «s» which slows your speed. Under-pouncing a target often leads to landing infront of the survivor and getting a shotgun blast to the mouth. If you are lucky enough to be bunted off the survivor then leap for your fucking life. Survival is key for infected because the 20 seconds that you are not in the action can lead to the team progressing through a large part of the map. Getting a stock to the face blinds you but if they forget about you then get back in position and attack again. Running away in a straight line makes you extremely vulnerable to a good shot which leads me to the next section, wall jumping. Video: Long Range Pouncing Higher Quality Stream This is a video I made that combines some of the concepts I have described. There is also a tad of wall jumping in the video. III. Whether Or Not To Pounce: The answer to this question is effected by many factors. The main factor is communication, if you have a retarded team that attacks 1 at a time then I would either try to save the game yourself or get them to work as a team. Any special infected is shit without the other backing it up. The same goes with the hunter, if you just pounce at the guy, infront of all his little friends, then your not very helpful to the team. Coordination and cooperation of the team results in successful pounces/ incapacitation. The second factor that contributes whether or not to pounce is your location. If you think you have a really low chance of hitting them then you should relocate to a better location. There are plenty of spots on the map to change to, remember if you mess up the pounce you have a high chance of getting killed. The third and final factor that contributes to pouncing is the distance they are from the majority of the group. If they are huddled very closely together then you should rally up your team and attack them as a unit. If there is a straggler going away from the group then quickly strike. This greatly slows the survivors progress, they will have to decide whether or not to come back for their downed buddy or move on. IV. Flaming Hunter: As a hunter you do a substantial amount of damage normally, just imagine if you were on fire. Your damage output greatly increases from the original. There are many sources of fire, from burning cars to trash cans. It is not all good though… You can be easily seen by survivors because you are flaming ball hopping around in circles and you also lose your ability to wall jump. Losing the ability to wall jump decreases your chances of escaping so it will probably be a suicide mission. Lighting yourself on fire is very useful when someone is in the reds and you need to down them very quickly. V. Wall Jumping: This by far the best way to elude survivors after being discovered. It can also be used to get to a higher elevation very quickly. Wall jumping is performed by jumping at a wall, turning 180, then pouncing again by pressing mouse1. Jumping side to side down a narrow alley way can scare the shit out of survivors and also does a good amount of initial damage to them if performed correctly. In a closed space wall jumping can also be used to confuse the survivors because you are bouncing around the room which. While bouncing around indoors it is easy to be disorientated because you will be turning around alot. Wall jumping also reduces the chances of you getting shot in the face. Video: How to Walljump General WallJumping Trick Jumping is basically wall jumping on steroids, it uses the basic concept of wall jumping and applies them to more complex settings. VI. Melee: Meleeing (secondary attack) is useful in some cases but sticking around too long smacking them will ensure your death. If you are knocked off of a tackled survivor and want to get a couple hits in, then this method is for you. It is usually effective when they are engulfed in a mob of zombies. Getting a couple good hits will reduce their health quite drastically. But once everything is quiet and they have regained control of the situation your best choice would be to run for your life. A bunt stuns you for 2 or so seconds and gives them time to either shoot you or keep smacking you until you"re a lifeless corpse. While an incapacitated player is being picked up you could give them a good punch which results in the player being dropped. This will buy your team some time, but if the rescuer turns around and decides to unload a spray of lead into you, your done. If you think the positive outweighs the negative then by all means, stick around for a few seconds and get some extra damage in. Quoting: Fire_cube When you are being shoved/stunned, you can use melee even if you are not in first-person. I don"t know if it"s intended or not, but it"s pretty cool inflicting some damage while they keep shoving you thinking you are being a complete sitting duck. Also, you can"t strafe while using melee. You have to literally use your mouse to navigate. VII. Relocating the Witch: Have you ever had a witch spawn in a useless place that the survivors can just walk pass? Then this technique is for you. Smacking the witch with your claws does not piss her off but if you pounce at her, she rages. The witch will chase your ass down so you better run to the place that you want her to be. After you have gotten to the location, sit there and let her kill you. Soon after you have died she will sit down and begin to cry again. Video: Relocating the Witch VIII. Pouncing Spots: Key: Red is where you stand. Green is an area of high success rate. Blue is of lower success rate. These 3 screenshots are from the 3 outdoor maps of No Mercy. They are parts 1,3 and 5. On the last one you will stand ontop of the satellite dish and pounce toward the ladder. It does not do 25 damage but does a good 10−15.
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