On the timed death of Tank"s on fire

L4D » Зараженные » Танк For those who don"t know: A Tank takes no damage for being on fire. Instead regardless of how much damage is done to him the Tank will die after a certain amount of time (40 seconds on Expert). Edit: Visual proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vZxHbST3Ow So after being set on fire, unless the Tank was already near death, there is no point in trying to do any damage to him at all. This means that the most effective strategy against a Tank is to set him on fire and run away until he dies. Now I don"t have a problem with fire being the Tanks biggest weakness, in fact I think it"s great that it gives Molotov"s and Fuel Can"s important roles in the game. I do have a problem with the Tank-on-fire being a counter-intuitive gameplay mechanic that makes running away the best strategy. I propose replacing the timed death with either 1. Amplified Damage — A Tank on fire would take more damage, maybe around 1.5 times more — enough so that setting a Tank on fire is a priority but not too high that it makes a Tank on fire too easy. 2. Damage-per-second — On Expert a 8000hp Tank on fire will die in 40 seconds which works out to be 200dps. Reduce that to about 100dps but then actually apply it to the Tank"s HP. So a Tank will still die after time but unlike now it will die quicker if you shoot it. Edit: As far as Damage-per-second is concerned, as I see it to prevent a Tank from being too easy on fire while too hard when not the DPS should either be low but continuous or high and ending after a certain amount of damage done. Note: I am discussing this from a Campaign perspective, I"m not really concerned about how this issue affects Versus (even though it does).
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