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L4D » Оружие
Магазин: 15 патронов
Боезапас: 180 патронов
Дальность: средняя/высокая
Мощность: высокая
Темп стрельбы: средний

Довольно уверенно винтовка ведет себя и в ближнем бою. Она стреляет достаточно быстро и точно без прицела.

Однако не стоит двигаться во время стрельбы — это ощутимо снижает точность попадания и, в результате, повышает ваши шансы расстаться с жизнью.

И не забудьте — когда вы смотрите в прицел — вы двигаетесь медленнее, чем обычно, поэтому не забудьте попросить товарищей прикрыть вашу спину.

Hunting Rifle Tips -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I"ve noticed a lot of people are knocking the hunting rifle but don"t seem to know how to use it. I started playing with it from the beginning because I thought it was useless but wanted the challenge. Now I use nothing but it when possible. So here are some tips I"ve learned playing with it. Please feel free to add more. -The hunting rifle is extremely accurate standing still scoped or unscoped. Running it is almost useless. -The hunting rifle is the most role oriented weapon in the game. There should only be one person with a hunting rifle and you need to properly play your role. -In open areas HR goes first and clears out free standing zombies. In closed off areas he goes last or middle. -In any bottle neck situation all teammates stand in front crouched. HR shoots over their heads at rows or groups of zombies. The bullets will go through all zombies so use this to your advantage. -Learn to aim and not get a twitchy trigger finger. In the long run you will get maximum benefit out of playing like this and never run out of ammo or TK (unless they run in front of you). -HR shoots through almost anything. If your team is in a bad shape a good tactic is when you hear a boomer to start firing through the wall where the sound is coming from at intervals until you hear the boom. Also if you see any enemy hide behind a wall shoot where they went. -If a teammate gets strangled by a smoker or pounced and they are far away shoot the enemy anyways even if there are walls in the way. You might be able to kill the special infected before a teammate can get there to rescue. -When a tank appears follow this strategy exactly. All team members will confront the tank directly. You run away, then stop and unload a clip aiming for his head. Then if he gets closer run again and repeat. Do this until he is dead. You will always be the last to die. If done properly this means you will survive without any damage and can heal or revive all your other teammates. -If you get separated or your team is too disoriented for the above horde strategy get somewhere either in a corner or where there is a bottleneck. Try not to panic and fire in a specific pattern. All zombies in a line will die even if the animation takes a bit so it is useless to fire repeatedly at the same spot. Whatever you do, do not move while firing. The HR is worse than useless when you fire while running. -DO NOT use the HR in the finale unless you know of a really good USEFUL location to put yourself in to fire. The HR is not good for hordes unless they bunch up in areas so you need to know the finale and if you will be able to take out zombies in a crowd. If you are above the horde picking off zombies one at a time you will be useless to your team. -Another really good strategy for horde or when someone gets slimed by a boomer is to run into a room and have a teammate crouch in the doorway and spam melee. This will group them all together so you will easily be able to kill many per bullet. But absolutely most of all know and make sure your team knows that you have a specific role in the team to scout out and eliminate all threats at medium and long distance. You should be working together and your teammates should know to protect you against all short distance threats. They need to know that you will mostly be behind and helping out so they need to be crouched. If you can learn to play this role you will be a vital part of any team taking on expert.
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