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Информация * Use melee often to the point where it"s second nature. It"s great for knocking away close proximity infected and can cause a chain reaction. Melee can be used while reloading a gun, and will not harm your allies. * Duck down when you"re in front, and try to walk along walls and the perimeter to make room for others while reducing your exposure to attacks. * Both the hunting rifle and M16 are excellent at getting headshots. The hunting rifle enables you to zoom (default key is Mouse3). * When using either shotgun, it"s very possible to kill several infected with one blast. Try and line up your shots, or wait until several are in front of you before firing. * Conserve your ammo when there"s no immediate threat. Pistols have unlimited ammo, so use these when picking off infected from afar or those straying from the pack. * Always be conscious of where your teammates are in relation to you. You want to make sure not to shoot them by mistake, or to foolishly run in front of them when they"re firing. * Like all Source games, duck-jumping will give you greater height. * When bringing up a dialog window (Z, X, C), right-click to dismiss the window without saying anything. * Learn to recognize the destinctive sounds the infected bosses make. Doing so will alert you on how to proceed, and what to be on the lookout for. * If a hunter pounces on your teammate, use melee to knock it off without damaging your ally. * If a smoker ensnares your teammate, either shoot the smoker or melee your ally to cause it to disengage. * When puked on by a boomer, try and back yourself up into a corner or narrow passageway. If visibility makes it difficult to distinguish the incoming horde from your allies, just rely on melee to keep the infected at bay until visibility returns. * Another tactic you can use when puked on is to toss a pipe bomb. These grenades attract all infected around it before exploding, which is ideal for drawing their attention away from you. * Witches can be circumvented by not shining your flashlight on her or approaching too close. She"s able to one-shot kill the survivors and can take a lot of damage, so it"s best to avoid her if possible. * Tanks will naturally charge after one player initially. If you find him running for you, try and slow him down somehow. Doorways, varying elevation or pillars are a great way to hamper his movement while everybody fires upon it. * Certain objects can be picked up and placed strategically, such as fuel canisters which explode like a molotov when shot. * Close all doors behind you. Doors can be shot to create holes for shooting through while at the same time preventing passage. * Defeated allies can occasionally be rescued in various closets spread out throughout the map. When possible, you will see their orange outline beckoning for rescue. * At the start of each round you can usually pick off a bunch of infected through the safe-house door. * When playing as a hunter its possible to pounce off walls. Jump up on a wall, and as you touch it face another direction and hit the pounce button again. Doing so will allow you to climb to unreachable places to launch an ambush.
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