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Информация » Статьи May 2005 874 You know that thing you press that"s bound to V that allows you to shout crap? Well now you can make your own! Browse to the following folder on the hard drive that has Steam installed: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\scripts Look for RadialMenu.txt. In it, is a list of commands that you can make according to current team and if you"re alive or dead. Here"s a little something I made: //-------------------------------------------------------------- «Warnings, Survivor, Alive» { «Center» { «command» «vocalize PlayerDeath; wait 100; vocalize PlayerHelp» «text» «HELP!» } «North» { «command» «vocalize PlayerLookOut; say_team Hunter nearby!; wait 120; vocalize PlayerWarnHunter» «text» «Hunter!» } «NorthEast» { «command» «vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; wait 200; vocalize PlayerDeath» «text» «SCREAM!» } «East» { «command» «vocalize PlayerWarnBoomer; say_team Careful, Boomer!; wait 120; vocalize PlayerWarnCareful» «text» «Boomer!» } «SouthEast» { «command» «vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; say_team Incoming!; wait 200; vocalize PlayerIncoming» «text» «Hoarde!» } «South» { «command» «vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; wait; vocalize PanicEvent; say_team TANK Incoming!!;wait 200;vocalize PlayerWarnTank» «text» «TANK!!» } «SouthWest» { «command» «vocalize PlayerWarnWitch; say_team Watch it, witch here!;wait 100;vocalize PlayerKillThatLight» «text» «Witch!» } «West» { «command» «vocalize PlayerWarnSmoker; say_team Smoker around here!» «text» «Smoker!» } «NorthWest» { «command» «vocalize PlayerWarnCareful; say_team Stay away from the car!» «text» «Car Alarm!» } } Up the top it has Warnings, Survivor, Alive meaning that you bind a key to bind x «+mouse_menu Warnings» and that it only works with Survivors that are alive. Feel free to make your own and put them in this thread or look here! *Edit: This is most of the commands that I"ve found for vocalize: smartlook PlayerMoveOn PlayerLeadOn PlayerHurryUp PlayerNiceJob PlayerWaitHere PlayerAreaClear PlayerCoverMe PlayerImWithYou PlayerAskReady PlayerLaugh PlayerWarnCareful PlayerNegative PlayerNo PlayerSorry PlayerYes PlayerHurrah PlayerThanks PlayerZombieTaunt PlayerIncapacitated PlayerReviveFriend PlayerReviveFriendCritical PlayerHealing PlayerLedgeHangStart PlayerLedgeHangMiddle PlayerLedgeHangEnd PlayerLedgeSave PlayerLedgeSaveCritical PlayerSpotFirstAid PlayerSpotPills PlayerSpotMolotov PlayerSpotGrenade PlayerSpotAmmo PlayerSpotPistol PlayerSpotSMG PlayerSpotRifle PlayerSpotShotgun PlayerSpotAutoShotgun PlayerSpotSniperRifle PlayerSpotOtherWeapon PlayerWarnHearZombie PlayerWarnTank PlayerWarnBoomer PlayerWarnWitch PlayerWarnHearWitch WitchGettingAngry PlayerWarnMegaMob PlayerWarnScout PlayerWarnHunter PlayerWarnSmoker PlayerAlsoWarnTank PlayerAlsoWarnBoomer PlayerAlsoWarnWitch PlayerAlsoWarnScout PlayerAlsoWarnHunter PlayerAlsoWarnSmoker PlayerIncoming PlayerLookHere PlayerLook PlayerReloading PlayerTonguePullStart PlayerTongueResist PlayerGrabbedByTongue PlayerChoke PlayerTaunt PlayerMoveOn PlayerHurryUp PlayerCoverMe PlayerKillThatLight PlayerWatchOutBehind PlayerFriendlyFire PlayerStayTogether PlayerFollowMe PlayerLeadOn PlayerHelp PlayerImWithYou PlayerSorry PlayerNo PlayerToTheRescue PlayerAnswerLostCall PlayerLostCall PlayerYouAreWelcome PlayerYes PlayerThanks PlayerAskReady PlayerHeardTank PlayerHeardWitch PlayerHeardHunter PlayerWarnCareful PlayerAreaClear PlayerAlertGiveItem PlayerHurrah PlayerHeardBoomer PlayerHeardScreamer PlayerHeardSmoker PlayerBackUp PlayerEmphaticGo PlayerLookOut PlayerGoingToDie PlayerWaitHere PlayerThisWay PlayerLockTheDoor PlayerExertionMinor PlayerExertionCritical PlayerDeath PlayerVomitInFace PlayerVomitExpired PlayerItemForYou PlayerNearCheckpoint PlayerNearFinale PlayerLaugh
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