Skinning For Dummies

Информация » Статьи Download the Tutorial files here For support and advice please see this thread Photobucket 1) Intro 2) Packet Contents 3) Creating Your Skin 4) Applying Your Skin InGame 5) Notes 1) Intro This tutorial will show you how to make your own custom Skins for L4D. Tutorial made by Japer, exclusively for the community. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step, and show you how you can create your very own custom skin and use it ingame. Please read the entire tutorial first before starting anything. Please take the time to look at the pictures that offer help and at the skins that were made during the Alpha testing of this guide by the Alpha testers who used this guide. 2) Contents Programs required for Making Skins: Gibbed Valve Extractor (included) Hex Editor (included) VTF Edit (export) (included) VTF Edit (import) (included) gcfscape (included) Other useful files: whitelist.cfg (included) VTF Plugin for Photoshop (included) Some helpful pictures that will guide you through the skinning process Some pictures of the skins created during the ALPHA testing phase An original pak01_dir.vpk that was included in your l4d steam folder, which has NOT been edited. Not Included but required: A program that can edit Targa / .tga files (not included) (i use adobe photoshot 9 cs2) Make sure all the files from the pack are installed and are able to run before starting. 3) Creating your Skin Note: If you already have custom skins applied, you will need to return your l4d folder back to its original state (by removing the custom skins) before Extracting or you will get errors. Start by extracting the L4D files using Gibbed Valve Extractor. Extract the pak01_dir.vpk file from \Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead After extracting this you will have access to the l4d game files. for this tutorial i am going to edit Zoey find where you have extracted the files, and find \materials\models\survivors For this i will find \materials\models\survivors\teenangst and i will modify the .VTF file zoey_color.vtf I will open the zoey_color.vtf file with VTF Edit (export), then i go to File>Export> then export the .tga file to my desktop. Then open up the .tga file with an editing program, (Photoshop 9 CS2). Modify the file whatever way you want, i will place a L4DMods logo on mines. Once you have edited your file, save it as toey_color.tga (or whatever your calling your skin) Now Open up the VTF Edit (import) and import the toey_color.tga file that you just edited. Then hit save> save as> toey_color.vtf Alternatively you can use the Photoshop VTF Plugin (included) instead of Importing and Exporting with VTF Edit. Wehn using Photoshop, when you go to save your custom skin, when you save your TARGA / .tga file and it prompts you with Targa options, check the 32 bits/pixel box and hit ok. Now you have created your custom skin. 4) Applying Your Skin InGame You will need to make the following directory materials>models>survirors>teenangst (i use teenangst because i am editing zoey) \Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\materials\models\survivors\teenangst biker = Francis manager = Louis namvet = Bill teenangst = Zoey You will need all the files from the extracted folder for the character your editing. e.g the teenangst folder contents. You just copy and paste from the extractor into that folder, then delete the original skin e.g zoey_color.vtf and put in your skin e.g toey_color.vtf Make the folders so that the original game files, and your custom skin will appear in that directory, or which ever directory you may be using. To make your custom skin appear ingame, you will need to change the whitelist.cfg in your E:\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead folder. Simply go to the folder, find the original whitelist.cfg file and remove it. I reccomend that you simply rename it to deleted_whitelist.cfg then apply the whitelist.cfg file that is included with the Download Pack. Next you will need to make your custom pak01_dir.vpk file to suit your skin. I have included one in the download for you to edit, make sure to make a backup copy of it. Now to edit your pak01_dir.vpk file, open up the Hex Editor thats provided in the download, and open up your pak01_dir.vpk file that was also included with download. Photobucket You wana edit the Line after your sking name, e, g zoey_color. Edit 3 lines, 2 of them have bumpmap after them, and the other one is zoey_color_it To find these lines press crtl+f in hex editor then type in zoey_color Because my skin is called toey_color i will simply change the «Z» of Zoey to «T» in the 3 places outlined above. e.g how the 3 lines above the red bar in the «hex help» picture. Now save the file as pak01_dir.vpk Now go to \Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead and find the original pak01_dir.vpk file and move it or rename it deleted_pak01_dir.vpk then place in the pak01_dir.vpk file that you just created. Photobucket start up L4D and check out your own custom skin. 5) Notes Lines to «hex» for other skins Survivors — 3 lines to edit survivor_color «bumpmap» survivor_color «bumpmap» survivor_color_it e, g Zoey zoey_color «bumpmap» zoey_color «bumpmap» zoey_color_it e, g Francis francis_color «bumpmap» francis_color «bumpmap» francis_color_it Weapons — 1 line to edit for each model, 1 for V models and 1 for W models v_weapon «bumpmap» w_weapon «bumpmap» e, g pistol = v_pistol_reference «bumpmap» e, g painpills = w_painpills «bumpmap» Infected tank = hulk_01 «bumptexture» hunter = hunter_01 «shinyblood» boomer = boomer «bumpmap» witch = witch «bumpmap» smoker = smoker «bumpmap» V_models are what the skin looks like when it"s in your hands, W_models is what it looks like when it"s elsewhere, e, g on the ground or in someone else"s hands. So for the likes of the weapons category you will need to edit both textures for the model, or just the V_models so you can see it when your using it. All files marked (included) are included in the Skinning for Dummies download pack avaible to download from here I often experienced problems when using the VTF Edit programs, so i included 2 that will do the job, if you get errors just play about with them both until you get what you want. If a boomer explodes on you, you might get this problem where the character skin turns to black and purple squares. Photobucket After a few seconds it will wear off and return to your custom skin. This method should work for custom weapons too but i have not yet tested. For more than 1 custom skin you will need to have the custom in its correct folder e, g materials>models>survivors>teenagst and to make multiple skins work just enable them all in the one vpk file. Once you have applies the whitelist.cfg from the download pack, it will work for all customs skins you apply, there is no need to edit it further for custom skins. Steps 2 & 3 can be used to create skins for CS: S / Insurgency / DoD: S and other games based on the source engine.
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