The Survivors Guide to Surviving Expert Difficulty

Информация » Статьи BREAKING NEWS: Status: confirmed — Setting the witch on fire will slow her down! This is vital for anyone who baited the witch out of her spot. — Shooting at the tank will slow him down! This is vital for any serious tank busting action, but be careful of friendly fire at all times! — The rocks that tanks throw can be destroyed by shooting them! Those that dare it on a regular basis recommend targeting the rock before the tank even throws it. Rules Number One: Walk, Don"t Run. — Walking is the most basic practice of any first person shooter, L4D is no exception. The mind focuses between actions and running shortens the amount of time between actions. Walking will help you maintain focus on your environment and teammates situations. It will keep your actions unhurried and therefore more accurate and suitable for the situations at hand. Rule Number Two: Put Obstacles and distance between you and Him. — The Tank is your biggest obstacle in L4D. The basic things to remember are this. 1.) The Tank has 8000 HP, He wont go down quickly unless you have 3 propane tanks at hand to deal maximum damage. 2.) The Tank will move slower when he is being shot. Always make sure at least one person is firing on him AT ALL TIMES. Even just one stray pistol bullet while running can make all the difference. 3.) The rocks that the Tank throws at you CAN be destroyed. Start targeting them before he even tosses them, It takes at least 4 bullets from an M16 to destroy them! 4.) Light him on fire and run. The tank will die in 40 seconds after being lit on fire. 5.) Watch out for objects that the tank can punch at you, if they hit you, its an instant incapacitation. Rule Number Three: If you cant sneak past, burn Her! — The witch doesn"t pose any threat unless she is directly in your path and you will not be able to sneak past her. While she is not as devastating as a Tank can be, It is still quite a hassle to lose a team member in any situation. — Ambushing her with 4 people will always be a successful venture granted you and your teammates are accurate with your shots. It is preferable to have Tier 2 weapons if you are attempting this though. — Or you can try lighting her on fire from a lobbed molotov, then keep your distance while your teammates shoot her down. The witches movement speed will be reduced while she is burning, and since the witch isn"t as skilled in parkour (l"art du déplacement) as the other infected she will sometimes have trouble getting to where you are. Rule Number Four: Audio Cues. — Audio is extremely important in this game. Audio cues will play for every single event that happens, learn them and you will relieve a lot of stress off your other senses. Rule Number Five: Melee. — The infected are running at you rather quickly and they got their arms cocked back to deliver a punishing blow the moment they reach you. If you are unsure you will be able to stop them all from reaching you, Melee them back. — The hunters, and smokers will take what opportunities they can get, stay close enough and melee any pounces or grabs. Boomers will cause havoc if you blow them up too close, hold your fire and melee it back first. Rule Number Six: Weapons. — There are 10 weapons in the game. Some obviously more desirable then others depending on circumstance. Understand those circumstances and the role each weapon plays. Its your choice ultimately and there is no reason why an entire couldn"t pistol their way through a campaign. Choose what suits you best and don"t let your teammates down. Rule Number Seven: Strategy. — A game is a type of challenge after all, and there are always strategies that can help you be successful. Play how you want to play, but remember that even in an online game a certain amount of «sportsmanship» is expected of you regardless of your attitude about video games. — Staying together is the most important thing in L4D, hands down, it all relies on that. This is exactly why we were waiting for L4D, for the cooperative teamwork part of the game. — The Environment is liberally detailed in L4D and fits the mood of the game perfectly. Take advantage of the layout if you need to. Hiding in a closet isn"t so far fetched, and sometimes there is literally no other way to survive when you are down to 1 hp and are the last one standing. — Search for useful items around the environment, pills are useful like no other in those tight places when things aren"t looking good for your team. — Above all else, have fun. This is a great game and enjoying it is a blast when you have the right team to make it unfold the way you like it to. Helpful Information from Others. Ultimoose writes: — «Normal infected without a custom config have a maximum 50 hit points. Testing seems to indicate this number is the max they CAN spawn with not the max they ALWAYS spawn with. As in they may spawn with a range of 1 to 50 and average 25 or something similar. Also the setting you"re on affects the amount of damage your targets take from non-head shots. AFAIK head shots always do the same damage no matter the difficulty, there"s no setting that I know of to vary that. But body shot damage does vary by difficulty. I believe it works out to you do double damage on easy, straight damage on normal and advanced and half damage on expert. Also shotgun damage is multiplied by 5 at pointblank range which by default is set at 100». So there are a lot of variables. Obviously the best weapon if you can get close to a tank is going to be the shotgun. Of course that means you have to get within roughly 8» of him and honestly do you want to be that close?»

30 ноября 2008 г.


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