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Информация » Статьи A) Basic survival gospel: 1) STAY TOGETHER! I"m talking Face to ♥♥♥ here. If you are ever more than 5 feet away from a team mate it"s time to pick up your pace or slow down! At all times you should have all 4 players on your screen and preferably within melee distance! IF for whatever reason this not «possible» (i don"t see why), then you should have atleast one other team member on your screen and preferably within melee distance. Beware however that you are very vulnerable to pack attacks consisting of hunter packs or hunter/smoker combo"s. And if you play against reasonably skilled infected then they WILL be traveling in packs! And they WILL be stalking you for just that perfect oppertunity where 2 guys have turned a corner in an alley while 2 others haven"t… punce followed by snare and you are both SCREWED big time. You really don"t want to be the guy stangled or mangled to death while your other 2 mates are around the corner fighting off a hoard cause they just got hosed by a boomer! The only exception to this rule should be when you are IN DOORS and have all exits covered and locked down tight enough to mangle anything that comes pouncing/bursting through any of the exits. Even then, I suggest you stay on the same floor. DO NOT FRICKIN EVER run after a special infected that you spotted and leave the group to go kill it. Perfect way to invite yourself to a knuckle sandwich and them some, and generally stall the whole teams movement. 2) MOVE MOVE MOVE! This game is about surviving, and surviving means preserving hitpoints. The longer you stay in a level, the more infected spawns, the more attacks, the more damage taken, this is simple math, bottom line. Move as fast as the slowest member of your team is willing/able to move. Move as fast as you are able without sacrificing your situational awareness. This means as fast as you can without being so confused that you blindly walk into obvious traps. 3) STAY IN SHAPE! Pretty much a no brainer, if you CAN heal, then do. Don"t spend anymore time than needed «limping around». This is bad for all kinds of reason… quick to die, quick to incapacitate, slow, etcetc. If you see a team mate low on health and you got a pack to spare, don"t be greedy, you"ll just pay for it later! Pop pills before a difficult area to conserve health. These dwindle over time so save them for when the going gets tough. 4) KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS PEELED! You can often «smell a trap» by simply using your EARS. Boomers will often lurk closeby to get a good slimehose going. If you listen you can hear them miles away so don"t jump around corners and wander close by bushes if you hear upset stomachs. The same goes for hunters and smokers… Tanks should be no problem since they are about as stealthy as a WW2 era heavy tank in full stride. B) Dealing with the infected, one bullet at a time. 1) BOOMERS: Pretty Obviously, don"t let them get near you! Ever! Kill them as soon as you see them, and from a good distance away. Anything else gets you a free infected swarm to deal with! Boomers will almost ALWAYS lay in wait, and almost always in a spot where they can catch you off guard. Around a corner, ontop of a low overhanging roof, waiting atop of a manhole you"re about to climb out of, etc, etc. Their monster indigestion usually gives them away though, so if you hear the bowling gut of a boomer, don"t leap around corners, check overhanging roofs, and keep your 6 covered. If a boomer surprises you and gets close, melee them away and step back before popping him! WARNING… Don"t hit a boomer more than twice with your melee or he will BLOW UP, right in your face! 2) SMOKERS: Keep an eye on rooftops and small rooms. Smokers like to lay in way and pull you up or pick you off from the back of the group and drag you into a small room where your team wint be able to get to you immidiatly. Smokers usually give away their presence by the sound of their slithering tongue, so listen for it, and do a visual scan for the typical smoker gasparticles that they ooze, they should be easy to spot. If you get snared by a smoker, try and cap him before you are snared. You got about 1.5 seconds to kill it before you are left defenceless. If a team mate gets snared by a smoker in a difficult to reach position then shoot his tongue… it will snap and your team mate will be freed. This is especially handy for dealing with smokers on rooftops. Don"t wait around for him to show his head again, just ignore him and move on, he"ll be back! If a team member is being mangled from behind bya smoker DO NOT SHOOT! Run over and melee the smoker. Only shoot if you are too far away and for petes sake don"t use your shotgun! 3) HUNTERS: Hunters will give themselves away by their snarling whenever they are stalking, so listen for it, and if you hear it… don"t do anything stupid like going out to find it. Hunters like to move around quickly by pouncing around, if you see one leaping, even if distant, put some rounds in it"s direction, chances are you"ll kill it before it can do any damage. If you"re quick on the trigger you can also kill a hunter that is leaping at you by generally spamming shells in his direction. Alternatively, treat him to a shotgunbutt sandwitch, but you"ll have to time it just right. Do not «shoot» hunters off teammates with a shotgun, unless you are too far away for anything else. If you are within a few feet (as you should be) then melee them off and pump em full of round as they"re stumbing to regain balance. DON"T start randomly blasting around when a Hunter is leaping around your team trying to pounce someone, friendly fire is very very bad… mkay? Just wait for a clear shot, if they do pounce someone, no big deal, at that range it wont do any damage anyways, and you"ll be ready to knock them off the instant they pounce. 4) TANKS: Contrary to the obvious, Tanks are quite difficult to play «right», and when handled inproperly will die very fast, especially when survivors have advanced weapons. If a tank is coming, ready those molotovs. Burning tanks will die by default in 20 seconds orso, so all you really need to do is stay out of it"s way. This is a general tactic for dealing with tank. STAY OUT OF IT"S WAY! Don"t let it get near you, and shoot it whenever you get a clear shot but DON"T LET IT COME NEAR YOU. Most tanks will resort to throwing stuff when they can"t get to you, at which point they are wide-open to being pumped full of lead, so wait for it! And dodge the incoming wreckage, should be easy enough, and you know it"s coming, so… When you hear a tank incoming, avoid narrow hallways and dead ends, or you will get PWNED. Just keep moving and stay in a place where you easily run around obstructions and dodge behind them to avoid wreckage being thrown at you, while your team mates pump it full of lead. Don"t ever charge a Tank… no brainer i think! Keep moving, keep shooting, try to set it on fire! While you"re doing all this DO keep an eye out for hunters/smokers incapacitating your team mates, and knock them off ASAP. Tanks will always try to knock everyone down and end the round, so you should avoid this at all costs! If you got mashed a couple times by a tank, odds are you"re pretty low on health. Don"t be afraid to move out of the way a bit (and break the cardinal «stick together» rule) and heal yourself up real quick, it"s better than the alternative… keep your ears and eyes peeled for incoming hunters and smokers when you do this though! It"s risky, but often worth it. Addition by rigermortis1 Quote: Originally Posted by rigormortis1 View Post Another amazing thing about the F/A Shotgun is its ability to destroy Tanks. I usually don"t give out tactical tips, but if you want to waste the Tank efficiently, set it on fire, and get on it"s backside while it attacks your teammates- then go in for the kill, and I mean go in, literally touch the tip of the shotgun to the back of the Tank and just unload. He"ll drop quickly, and he usually won"t notice you if you keep on his backside the whole time 5) THE HORDE: If for whatever reason you are assaulted by a hoard, like when you got hosed by a boomer. Back against the wall, or better yet, in a corner and MELEE! Don"t start blasting off into them when you can"t see past them or are blinded. Ods are very high you"ll hit team members trying to help them off you. Cardinal rule… can"t see ♥♥♥♥? Melee! Don"t be afraid to sit next to a team mate in a corner and help him melee the infected, as far as i can tell, melee does no damage to team members and doesn"t «knock» them off balance either, so just hammer away! Standing out into the open and blasting off is about the worst thing you can do, because you"ll get surrounded and probably hit team members trying to help you. It wouldn"t be the first time I incapacitated a team member with FF, who was trying to help me by meleeing the infected off me! Also, nothing is a better cure for a pack of infected than a nice pipebomb, so if you get hosed, toss one out there, and make your life a lot easier! 6) WITCHES: Ok these are a little annoying, and sometimes you can"t help but shoot your way past them! A witch charging you will ALWAYS incapacitate you, leaving an open window for hunter/smoker buttrape! Don"t bother trying to melee a witch, as far as i can tell this does NOT knock her off a team mate, just pump her full of lead! It"s usually not too hard to avoid hitting your team because they"ll be lieing down while the witch is standing up (if you can"t, buy glasses!). Infected will often try to aggrevate a witch into attacking survivors, by attacking her. As far as i can tell this has NO effect. The only thing that upsets a witch is pointing flashlights at her a lot, shooting her, or getting too close! Sometimes an infected will «camp» right next to her, hoping you"ll open fire and hit the witch. Use common sense, pull out your pistols, crouch and shoot for the infecteds head for a cheap kill without aggrevating the witch! (note don"t try this with boomers, insufficiently tested but my spidersense tells me this will piss her off). Addition by Rogz Quote: Originally Posted by Rogz View Post The witch will go down in one shot if you shoot her in the head with either shotgun as she"s getting to her feet. C) Tools of the trade: 1) Basic weaponry: — Shotgun: Imho the «better» basic weapon. It has crappy range, and acuracy leaves a lot for the wanting BUT, it can mop up packs of infected like no other (aside from it"s full auto cousin ofc). The rate of fire on a shotgun will make it near impossible to run out of shells before you reach resupply, so you"re free to blast till your hearts content! Blasing into packs of infected with a shotgun will clean HOUSE. Not only will you hit 4−5 infected at once, but you"ll knock them back quite nicely, leaving an open LOF to the next batch of infected. On the downside, trying to hit anything far away is a waste of time and ammo. Shooting an infected from across the square will only piss it off and you"ll need 3−4 shells to put it down, if not more depending on range, Ie useless… so let THEM come to YOU. It"s also not very good to try and shoot off a hunter with a shotgun, you"ll just hit your team! Use melee or switch to pistol (s) for acuracy. — SMG: Now here"s a gun that has a couple downsides, and not a lot of upsides. For one it will EAT through ammo like crazy, if you"ve been shooting as much as you should then you"ll run out before resup and be stuck with your sidearm. Acuracy leaves a lot to the wanted aswell. Basically you won"t hit much at all unless you"re crouched, comparable to pistols. Damage over range is a little better than the shotgun, but not by much as it"s mostly negated by poor overall damage. There"s also the matter that an smg doesn"t have the «pump» of a shotgun to swarms of infected wont be stopped dead in their tracks as with the shotgun, they"ll just keep coming as you"re unloading into them, and your clips will go FAST in this manner. That"s not to say the smg is completely useless. If you have a level with a lot of open areas then SMG could be your choice of weapon. SMG is also much better for dealing with the Tank because you can unload into it, and the shotguns ROF is simply too low to put a lot of damage on a Tank. — Sidearm: Use it as a companion with your shotgun. This is a good choice when you need acuracy. Crouching will give a pistol fairly good acuracy, enough to headshot a smoker on a rooftop with relative ease. Your best bet is to go for a pair of pistols ASAP. This will give you fair stopping power when incapacitated and blasting into the infected. I pair of pistols is also a VERY good alternative to the SMG, the only downside really is the clipsize, wich is compensated somewhat by a slower ROF. Pistols don"t to much damage, but plenty for taking down charging infected if you use some acuracy. 2) Advanced weaponry: — Full auto shotgun: This is my favorit weapon. It does everything the shotgun does, but it does it faster! Only downside is that it eats shells like candy, so use your better judgement when wielding the full auto shotgun. Unload only when you need to (swarms or tanks), and use well placed shots at all other times (use it like a shotgun whenever you don"t need the full auto power). — Assualt rifle: Excellent acuracy (when crouched) and fair stopping power. Unloading into a narrow hallway will stop anything coming through the door short of a Tank, and doing a 360° spin on headlevel when surrounded while unloading is perfect pest control. Nothing takes care of lurking smokers quite as well as the assault rifle, still when it comes to pure stopping power, full auto shotgun is your friend. When acuracy is what you need, the AR is your best bet. — Scoped Rifle: Well not much i can say about this. Great for picking off infected, and generally headshotting all manner of pests… not much good for anything else. Generally speaking this isn"t the best weapon for stand-offs. It has good damage, and IS semi auto so you will hold your own against rushed of infected but the clip size will ruin it for you in the end. Also it"s never a good idea to stand somewhere alone «sniping off» targets. you"ll get snared or pounced. Use at your discretion, but for stopping power this is not the weapon you want. Addition by Rogz Quote: Originally Posted by Rogz View Post Hunting rifle has extremely high penetration, so you can use it to shoot hunters off team mates even if they are the other side of a brick wall. It"s also extremely good for killing hordes as it will shoot through an entire pack. Shoot the first infected and get the next five free. Thanks to Rogz and Hannibal Rising for pointing out rifle penetration! 3) Thrown weapons: — Pipebombs: Fairly self explanatory. Use whenever swarmed with infected. Can be a real lifesaver when your team got slimbed by a boomer. Don"t waste them, and don"t double use them as that will have little effect at all. These are pretty useless against anything but infected swarms as anything else will just step away from them. Addition by rigormortis1 Quote: Originally Posted by rigormortis1 View Post Pipe-bombs can be very useful in clearing out suspicious areas that are likely to have many infected, you don"t just have to use them when you are rushed by the horde. Many levels have areas that are designed for horde-like attacks without the music and intensity, and a pipe-bomb is perfect for exposing the traps. It also makes the area much more easy to get through if the Infected happen to be waiting in this area too. — Molotovs: Good Tank control. Set the Tank on fire and watch it burn to a crisp in under half a minute! Also fairly good for pest control, just don"t block your own path with it, and don"t get too close. There"s nothing more annoying than having your path blocked by an inferno while Hunters are pouncing you from behind and into the flames, or smokers dragging you through your own little BBQ, so use wisely! That"s all folks! Hope you got something out of this, and if not, well, atleast I wasted another hour of my life right! ;-)

8 декабря 2008 г.


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