The Ultimate Left 4 Dead Guide — Tips

Информация » Статьи Here is a list of tips that may help you live a bit longer or kill a few more Infected. This list is constantly growing so please drop by our forums and help add to the player knowledge base. Teamwork — first and foremost. This game above many that come to mind not only talks the talk in terms of teamwork but actually walks the walk. You need to know where you teammates are at all times, communicate and work together. Escape — the goal of the map for the Survivors is to escape. The longer you linger around in an area, the more infected will spawn around you and the more damage you"re likely to take. Keep moving foward. Don"t go back… keep moving towards the safe house. The only exception to this is to wait for a dead teammate to respawn in your area. Stick Together — don"t get separated. I can"t tell you how many times there I"ve seen a lone-wolf player get away from the group only to be attacked by a Smoker/Hunter. By the time we scramble back to help, major damage has been inflicted. Stay close to your teammates. Take Cover- when being attacked by Infected or the Horde, take a split second to see if there is anything you can use for cover. Often there is a sofa, a desk or other obsticles you move behind to force the Infected to climb over or go around, making it easier for you to pick them off. This includes climbing ontop of higher obstacles like the industrial sized fluid tanks in the final room of «The Apartments». Anything that prevents the Infected from getting to you easily. Horde Attacks (Inside) — If you are inside or in close quarters, see if you can move yourself so that the Horde has to squeeze through a doorway or choke point to get to you. If you"ve seen the movie «300», it"s the same idea the Spartans used against the Persian armies. Secondly, put a wall at your back. Not quite as effective as a choke point, but putting a wall at your back limits the radius that you can be attacked from. Additionally, you can use your melee/shove more effectively and domino the Horde back on themselves buying some breathing room. Horde Attacks (Outside) — Optimally, you"d like to be moving backwards letting the Horde come at you while you unleash rounds into them. Moving in the same direction as the onslaught produces the effect of slowing the rate of Infected that can come in contact with you. This will buy you some time and given enough space and ammo, it"s an effective tactic to use against the Horde. The downside is that you don"t want to get separated from your teammates and this tactic will definately do that. More likely, you"ll want to stick together, try to get as close as possible and get your backs against each other — even if it"s just two of you. You"ll need to do whatever you can to stick with your team while preventing getting surrounded by the Horde. Close the doors — When you are moving through a building, the last one through should always close the door behind them. Infected don"t seem to be smart enough to open closed doors although Infected Bosses can (Tanks can even go through some walls). The added advantage here is that if you hear a Horde behind the door, you can blow a hole in it and start shooting through the opening, or lob a molotov/pipebomb inside. Closing doors behind you is just a good habit to get in — it could save your life. Heal your weakest — Although it might cross your mind that you should hang onto that medpack for yourself, the best thing to do is heal those in your group who are the most in need. You really need all four Survivors to get through some levels, especially at higher difficulty levels. Using your health pack to get you back to 100hp rather than healing your teammate that has 5hp left is not a wise use of resources. The weaker teammate physically moves slower and is more likely to be incapacitated, requiring the group to slow down to revive him. Don"t be selfish — share your medical supplies with those that need it the most. Avoid Friendly Fire — if your teammate ahead of you appears to have the couple of Infected ahead of him well in hand, don"t try to make that career shot that grazes his ear and is totally unneeded. There are times when friendly fire is worth the risk (killing a Hunter who has a teammate pinned for example) and times when it"s not. This goes the other way too — don"t run infront of a player you can see is in the process of unloading his clip in your path. You"re just asking for it. If you are the front man in close quarters, try crouching where possible. Not only will this improve your accuracy, it will let your teammates behind you fire over your head without hitting you. It"s a win — win for everyone. Instead, in close quarters use your melee key and bash the Infected away from your teammates rather than risking massive friendly fire casualties. Teammates are not harmed by your melee strikes. Playing the Infected — Unless you are playing the Tank, stealth and ambush is your best strategy. You have the advantage of seeing where all the characters are — anticipate when the Survivors will be at their most vulnerable and attack — in numbers if possible. We hoped you enjoyed this guide. If you have any comments or suggestions, drop by the forums and let us know.

8 декабря 2008 г.


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