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Информация » Статьи First off, im not trying to flame anyone, i just havent seen a guide that actually helped less skilled players understand what theyre doing. So youre playing infected, hopefully youve first played through a few campaigns with friends, and hopefully on expert, so youve had a taste at what nasty infected do. They attack in groups, they make you say oh sh**, OH SH**. And heres how… Boomer — Boomer is the toughest job. You are very vulnerable, both a large target and low health, an offcenter shotgun shot, a couple pistol shots, or even through the walls Boomer are EASY TO TAKE DOWN, you make lots of noise constantly and are easy to spot as well, plus you are a very very important role. LEARN YOUR RANGE. Both the vomit and the explosion have very specific ranges (vomit about 10−20 yards, explosion about 7−10), and you should use them to your advantage. Your vomit takes a long time to recharge (30 seconds about) so using your body to explode is usually more useful then waiting around to puke again if you manage to get away, another teammate could spawn a boomer if you puke and then rush in to get the remaining survivors instead of waiting for your puke to come back. DONT F** IT UP (lol) — be patient, landing a hit on only one survivor is almost beneficial to the survivors. IT is easy to guard and clears out the room, usually into a small area. Most likely this will only result in less time for them to clear and no damage taken. Make sure to get AT LEAST 2 survivors. If they are not grouped, they are uaually in 2s, so make sure to get both. Wait for the group to be distracted, if they are not getting distracted, get a smoker or hunter to help you out. Try dropping down from a roof behind them, or in the middle. Most people are good at meleeing boomers away, so try to get in between survivors, so if they shoot you you always get at least someone. Keep in mind that a blown up boomer makes survivors AND infected (tank included) stumble away, so dont crowd your teammates, and make use of uniqui opportunities to knock them off the edge. (No mercy has a couple good spots) CHOOSE YOUR SPOTS- Dont spawn in areas that are easy to defend, dont spawn early or they will hear you from a mile away. Dont spawn if they group is together but stretched out. Spawn and puke quickly!!! Smoker — Smoker is an unusual class. It is very rarely used to kill anyone. Its easy to keep a Smoker from dealing damage, and theyre easy to see from far (you leave a nasty cloud of bright green haze wherever you walk). But it is very difficult to keep them from grabbing someone, which makes a smokers main job to pull people out or off of paths that require them or their team to backtrack, or that separates them. For instance in No Mercy at the beginning of the sewers after they go up the ladder, a smoker pulling someone out of the building, or off the landing can mean devestation. HUNTING BUDDIES! — Smokers should always roll with hunters, the bread and butter of the two is a smoker grabs the last guy to go around a corner or something, and hunter waits for the next guy to come to save him. The smoker is able to drag the victim far from the group, and separates the group. Also, easy pounce for the hunter. Be weary smokers that your victims will often get jumped by hunters and «stolen». Most times, its accidental, its tough to jump past a smoked target, so dont take it personally. As often as not, a smoked target will get free before you can start hitting him, and he might even be close to you. If you, flail around with your Mouse2 hit. You do about 10 damage per hit, so you can put a hurt in someone, or potentially down a target. Remember again, you respawn in 30 seconds, so doing anything thats not attacking for longer than that (for the most part obviously) is useless. ROOF = PWNAGE — nuff said Hunters — Hunters are the soldiers of your group, they do most of the damage, and they usually come in more than 1. Two hunters can kill a separated team together with no other help if done right. There isnt much to be said about a hunter, its the kind of class that takes a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. Pounce on the stragglers, and you WILL KILL THEM. So many people seem to think that they can run off on their own and be awesome. Get them from behind, if they are meleeing at you, wait until they go to shoot and jump them. Run them into zombies and jump them. Loners are your ♥♥♥♥♥. The last people to jump off of anything to a lower level are great to pounce, it is difficult for the remaining team to get you off of them, if not impossible, and it is difficult for them to go revive them, if not impossible. These are easy kills too. In versus, when hunter pounces near a group, those within a close range are knocked back for a second. This is a poor way to do damage, but a great way to help a boomer initiate an attack. Also, your normal Mouse2 Hit does 10 damage, when they start meleeing you to death, try to grab a few hits in first. Hunter pounce takes a while to master, but its intuitive, try avoiding pouncing near a smoker with a victim, try avoiding pouncing near a tank, try avoiding pouncing in general if your not pouncing on someone, its obvious your around. Tank — Tanks are harder to play than i thought they would be. You are exactly as fast as the survivors, so anyone in green you CANNOT catch if they dont hit anything. A good group will run circles around you. Try to separate the group instead, so that your teammates can do the brunt of the work. Then protect them while they kill their targets. You will have a steady stream of fire on you, try to minimize it, instead of avoiding it. Knocking all 4 guys once isnt very usefull, but downing someone is. The tough part is just hitting two people usually means two are gunning you down quickly. This is where the map and your team help you. If someone is climbing around, its a good idea to throw something at them. Also, if they are running down a hallway, or an area they cant avoid fire from. GENERAL INFECTED TIPS Baiting the Witch and the Car Alarm — just a couple bullets will send a witch at a survivor, or set off the car alarm. The car alarm means chaos for a team, and can often times spell death. The witch will almost always down a survivor, and if the team is not alert, will kill him, and possibly more. This is always a good idea if you hear a witch you get a hunter or smoker to try and bait some action around her. SPAWN TOGETHER — ever spawned 3 hunters and a smoker? No boomer sucks right? unless all 4 of you get someone at the same time. TEAMWORK = VICTORY

8 декабря 2008 г.


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