Left 4 Dead: 19 ways to survive zombie hell

Информация » Статьи #19: Leading is Not Cheating In Left 4 Dead, it doesn"t matter if you"re playing as or against the walking dead--leadership is essential to your survival. It"s a good idea if someone takes the lead at the beginning of every round. And seeing as this is the most dangerous job in your team, you may want to leave this role to more advanced players. It"s crucial for the leader to know the ins and outs of the maps in the game, including where the safehouses and checkpoints are. And most of all, leaders should act as point man and damage tank. #18: Know Your Role Aside from the leader, the rest of the team acts as scouts and sharpshooters. Stay close to the leader, but scout out adjacent rooms (quickly) for health, ammunition, and bombs. Don"t shoot people in front of you if you are acting as the sharpshooters. #17: Cierra la Puerta When playing as a human, a good habit to have is closing doors behind you. Zombies can smash through them, but it will hold them off for a good amount of time. #16: Duck, Duck, Shoot! Duck when you are in the front of your group of allies. When you are crouched, people behind you can shoot over your precious head. #15: Zombie Skulls Smash like Rotting Fruit Melee-bash zombies whenever you get the opportunity to do so. It will knock pesky zombies back, and will even kill them if you hit them with enough force. #14: Gas Stations Are Flammable? The gas station in the No Mercy campaign can be blown up and will kill dozens of zombies if timed right. Do it! #13: Pistol Power Always pick up a second pistol. This will allow you to fire faster, and you have unlimited pistol ammo. #12: Communication is Key Put on your headset. Don"t be the one person without one because working together as a team will get you the best results. #11: Zombie Pals Stick Together Whether you"re a Smoker, a Hunter, or any other type of zombie, staying close to your fellow flesh-munchers is your best bet when trying to destroy your human adversaries. Remember: don"t stray away from the pack! #10: Use Flashlights Wisely Know when to use your flashlight and when not to. Zombies can see light and some will be alerted by it. The Witch boss zombie will be instantly startled if you shine the flashlight on her. #9: Zombie Barf Kills While playing as a Boomer zombie, make sure you unload your blast of projectile vomit at the right moment. It attracts A.I. zombies to your human target and your zombie barf takes a while to accumulate, so make it count! #8: Pipe Bombs: Instant Zombie Extermination Pipe bombs kick ass. The flashing red light on the pipe bombs attracts zombies. You"ll even earn an achievement if you can obliterate 20 or more with one pipe bomb. #7: Not Your Everyday Vomit Shoot the Boomer zombie who can regurgitate deadly vomit from unbelievable distances. If you don"t, you"ll get sprayed by his toxic puke, which will both blur your vision and attract other ravenous zombies. #6: Stay Healthy Pain pills only provide a limited boost that will slowly deplete over time. Health packs provide a permanent boost in health. #5: Weapons of Choice The automatic shotgun is hands-down the most devastating weapon in Left 4 Dead. If you get first pick, snag it off the table loaded with firearms. Don"t believe us? Watch the post-game stats for the guy who dealt the most damage to the Tank boss zombie--it"s virtually guaranteed to be the guy with the automatic shotgun. The assault rifle is a close second and is capable of mowing down swarms of onrushing flesh-eaters with ease. #4: Vomit Clean Up Procedure If you get puked on, let your team know. Everyone should then surround the puke stained player and prepare for the zombie horde attracted by the barf scent. It happens every time. #3: Human Hunting 101 When playing as a Hunter zombie, the best time to pounce on victims is when they"re traveling solo. Lone humans are pretty much a free meal in this rare but awesome situation. #2: De-Tonguing Got a Smoker"s putrid tongue wrapped around your neck? You can actually shoot off its elongated tongue to break the strangle. #1: With a Little Help from my Friends Heal your friends when you notice that they"re injured (if you"re not in a situation where you"ll die as a result of helping them). Keeping as many members of your team in the game will greatly increase your chances of surviving. And don"t bother healing A.I. teammates. They"re pretty damn good and rarely loose any health.

9 декабря 2008 г.


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