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Информация » Статьи There aren"t any big tutorials out on the web right now to my knowledge, so I"ve decided to write my own here and now. If anything, the game is crying for an EvilDaedalus of its own to make some videos on how to play the game. TF2"s community benefited a lot from the videos that guy made and L4D could use a bit of that education. Without further ado, here"s my guide. Updated with better Shotgun and Hunter tips based on further testing and advice from fellow players from Penny Arcade. Revised suggestions on shooting and releasing pinned allies. Left 4 Dead for Dummies: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Left 4 Dead Survivors Survivors Basic Rules of Engagement: * Rule #1: Be aware of what your team is doing at all times. * Rule #2: If you"re in front, get down! Those in front should always crouch so those behind can have a clear field of fire. It"s your fault if you get shot in the back. * Rule #3: There should be no more than one hunting rifle in the team. Having more than one of those is just a death sentence to the Horde. * Rule #4: If an ally is pinned by a Hunter or a Smoker, friendly fire is off and shooting your allies will deal no damage to them. If you are in striking distance, melee a pinned enemy to immediately release him and always remember to finish off the infected, if you can. Shotguns: Shotguns are useful against hordes and you"ll seldom run out of ammunition completely if you continuously reload as the battle rages on and not «spray» your weapon with reckless abandon. Switch to the pistols for long distance targets. If you know where a Boomer is, tagging hi m with your automatic shotgun will kill him pretty easily even if you aren"t aiming directly at him. It"s a good idea to reload a few shells into your shotgun after every few shots to ensure a steady stream of fire at oncoming zombie hordes, and melee as you do so. Try not to fire your shotgun at Hunter-debilitated allies more than is necessary, as you may end up hitting them after they"re released. Be sure to do so only when you"ve a clear line of fire. If you"re close enough, just melee the hunter off and finish him off with a blast of the shotgun. Automatics: The SMG and the assault rifle run out of ammunition very easily, so never waste your ammunition by spraying. Aim for the head and conserve your ammo. Switch to the pistols when facing roaming zombies. Dual Pistols: They are by no means a «last resort». Weaker than the hunting rifle, they are accurate at long distances when you crouch, and useful in many situations. They"re a good alternate weapon for shotgun users for long distance shots and for automatic users to conserve ammo. Reloading and Melee: You can reload as you use your melee attack, so alternate between your main weapon and meleeing zombie hordes as you reload. Situational Awareness: Always stay close to your team and always inform them of what you"re doing. Pills, health kits and ammunition piles are important, so let them know if you"ve found any. Never run off on your own; bring a friend, it is not safe to be alone out there. Medkits: Conserve your Medkits and make good use of your Painkillers. Always make full use of your painkillers before you use your Medkits and don"t heal with a Medkit unless you"ve already been incapacitated and revived. In Versus mode, your entire team should use the Medkits in the safe room before closing the door to get the most out of their score. Left 4 Dead WitchThe Witch: The rule of thumb is: Don"t **** with the witch! Disable your flashlights and try to walk around the witch as quickly as you can. Walking close to her back and forth will startle her so get past her as quickly as you possibly can. You do not want this to happen. If you have startled the witch, make sure that the rest of your teammates are firing on her before she incapacitates you with her initial attack. If you"re playing in Expert, the only way to deal with this is to use the cheap tactic of having them «teamkill» you because one swing of her surprise attack will instantly kill you. If you"re incapacitated, her attacks will not do much damage and they will be able to kill her before you die. I doubt Valve intended for it to work this way, so it"ll probably get fixed at some point. Left 4 Dead Infected The Infected Try to spawn at the same time or wait for the rest of your Infected team to spawn so you can coordinate your attacks on the survivors simultaneously. Running in one at a time will result in death, more often than not. It"s a good idea to pick off targets who run too far ahead of the team or lag behind. The Horde is a good time to pick off the Survivors, who may be too distracted to help out their friend. Learning all this will also be useful to you as a survivor, so you know what to expect when you go up against the special Infected. The Boomer Always puke on as many survivors as you can. Puking has two effects: 1. It summons the horde, the number of which may depend on how many people on which you puke. 2. It stuns and removes the survivors» ability to aim for a few seconds. They will not be able to see their team mates when their vision is covered in vomit, and may end up firing a few shots into the backs of their friends if they aren"t careful. Left 4 Dead BoomerThe Boomer"s biggest ally is the element of surprise. If you"ve managed to puke on one or two of them, and the rest of your team is around to back you up, don"t hesitate to jump into the survivors and position yourself to explode in radius of them so that they are ensnared by the Horde once again. You don"t have to wait for your puke attack to recharge to explode on getting shot. Note that you can puke from very long ranges atop buildings. Gravity works. That said, only puke once you can see your enemy. If you"re in the middle of puking and an enemy wanders across your path, he may or may not be afflicted by your puke. I"ve found that the best way to utilize the Boomer is to have the Boomer go in first to puke on a few survivors (or all of them if possible), and have the rest of the Infected team leap in while they"re distracted by the horde. Doing it the other way around will usually result in a few pointless Hunter and Smoker deaths. Corridors are your enemy as they render the Horde ineffective in everything but Expert mode. Pick open spaces over corridors whenever it is possible for you to do so. Melee only has a 60−90 degree radius of efficiency, so the Survivors will not be able to handle zombies coming from all directions. If you"re playing a survivor, get into a closed area as quick as you possibly can in order to fend off the horde. Closets and corners are the best for this, but you have to make sure that the whole team is with you or anyone left outside will be picked off by a Hunter or Smoker, and she will be incapacitated and possibly die because you can"t get to him when the Horde comes. The Hunter Left 4 Dead HunterHold your crouch and press your left mouse button to leap at a Survivor. Hunters can also crouch jump from wall to wall given sufficient reflexes. Never do the following: Never attempt to pounce into a small opening like a window: you will miss your mark more likely than not and hit the windowpane, making you an easy target for any survivor you were intending to kill. If the team is sticking close together, never pounce any one of them unless they"re distracted. They will most likely shoot you as you"re flying in or simply punt you off before you have a chance to inflict any damage. Never crouch unless you"re intending to pounce. Being in a crouched position causes the Hunter to make all sorts of growling noises that alerts the Survivors of his presence. It is better to stalk your prey in silence. Also remember that even though your first jump may take a second to power up, subsequent jumps are instant as long as you stay in the crouched mode. Never pounce on an enemy that is already ensnared by a fellow Hunter or a Smoker. Go for someone who isn"t incapacitated. Things to do: Pick off stragglers or survivors who run too far ahead of the team. Coordinate your attacks with the rest of your Infected teammates to ensure that you"ll have at least 2 or even 3 members of the Survivors incapacitated all at once. A game can end very quickly if the Infected coordinate their attacks in this way. Your secondary attack is pretty slow, so you should only use it if you can blend in with a zombie horde and get a couple of hits off before slinking back to safety. It deals 10 points of damage to survivors so hitting a survivor that"s already in the red will kill him faster than pouncing on him would. It"s also good against doors. If they"re huddled together and you"ve no choice but to cause some damage, then the secondary melee attack is your best option. If the Boomer has puked on the survivors, go for the ones who don"t have purple outlines. They will not be attacked by the Horde, so it"s up to the rest of the team to deal with them. Those with Yellow and Red outlines are perfect targets. Those with Green outlines are good if your intention is to force them to use up their medkits, but it"s not as efficient to go after them. As a survivor, you should punt a hunter before you decide to start blasting to death with your shotgun. If you see blood on your teammate, it"s probably your fault for firing at them after the Hunter is already dead. That"s blood, not liquid satisfaction. The Smoker Left 4 Dead SmokerThe Smoker is the most difficult Infected to use. But he"s still dangerous because he can attack from a long distance away. When attacking a survivor, make sure that your reticle lights up red before you press the mouse button or you will miss. Things to do: As the Smoker, you will only want to attack from behind. Attacking from the front will render your attacks useless if the Survivors can see you and punt your tongue away as it hits one of them. When the survivors are distracted by the Horde, you will want to pull the one in the back away from the rest of the group so that the rest of them will have a more difficult time slaying the Horde. When the survivors have to jump down a tunnel that they can"t get back out of, this is the perfect time to attack them. Pull the one in the back as the other 3 go down and they will not be able to conduct a rescue at all, leaving him to his death. For maximum efficiency, coordinate your attack with a Hunter to pounce on the remaining two while the other two go down. If you"re a survivor, always make sure that the one in the back is watching the rear, or this is very liable to happen. Ledges, tall buildings, windows and bushes are your friends. Whenever possible, try to get at survivors from areas where they will be less likely to hit you. You may have your tongue attack beaten off by another survivor, but you can always try again. As a survivor, you"ll want to use your melee attack on ensnared teammates unless you have a clear shot at the Smoker. You can shoot at your ensnared teammates and attempt to free them. This will not damage your teammate, but you should always aim for the tongue if you can"t aim for the Smoker. No Mercy Map Tip The part in No Mercy where the survivors have to ride the crane (3/5), run across a roof and get into the warehouse while avoiding to shoot at the gas station is a perfect place for a Smoker to attack. Attempt to pull survivors off the roof from the bottom as they run across so that the horde gets them. There will be a horde at the bottom the moment they activate the crane. For ****s and giggles, try to pull them into the gas station so that they shoot it by accident and summon another horde. The Boomer can support the Smoker by puking on anyone who tries to save the survivor down below so if you"re a Boomer, remember to spawn on the roof instead of in the warehouse. The warehouse is a closed area, where the horde is useless. Hunters should pounce on those running into the warehouse. I won"t go into too much further detail on the maps because it"s outside the scope of this little guide. The Tank Left 4 Dead TankYour melee attack is your best attack. Your secondary (throwing) attack is ineffective except in closed corridors. Even so, it"s better to get into range and melee or the survivors will simply kill you with assault rifles and hunting rifles from a distance. Avoid fire. Running into fire will activate a 1-minute timer on your health. Survivors take note: setting the Tank on fire and running away is a very viable way of defeating him. Do not under any circumstances: * Hit an already incapacitated enemy * Hit an enemy that"s already being pounced upon by a Hunter or ensnared by a Smoker. This will kill the Hunter * Hit an enemy that"s been puked on by a Boomer and is surrounded by the Horde. Go for the survivors who are still walking and incapacitate them. Incapacitating all four will nab you the ALL 4 DEAD achievement if you manage to first incapacitate them before your teammates pounce on them while they"re down. Vocal Communication Vocal communication or voice chat is essential to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. It"s difficult to play with random players because more often than not, one of them won"t stick to the team and will try to rush to the end of simply lag behind. It"s impossible to survive on Advanced or Expert if the team doesn"t have the semblance of a SWAT unit. Team dynamic is everything in Left 4 Dead. It"s even more important than being a crack shot. Situational Awareness Good teams are a combination of both proper communication and situational awareness. Knowing the layout of the map or «just knowing what to do» helps somewhat, but it isn"t necessary to survival. It"s possible for a first timer to beat lesser-played campaigns like Death Toll and Dead Air with the aforementioned combination. Knowing the layout is helpful, but one can hardly expect the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse to have every map consigned to memory. Pay very close attention to sound cues to avoid being surprised by Boomers, Smokers and Hunters and the position of the Witch. Musical cues are very useful for the Tank and the Horde, so do not disable your sound or listen to some «zombie killing heavy metal music» while you play unless you want to piss off your teammates by being deaf and unaware of your surroundings. This is a big problem with random players. The basic concept of «boomers go in from the front, hunters from the side in the mayhem, smokers pull backwards» isn"t known by all teams, especially not randoms, so communication is the key to educating them on what to do. Left 4 Dead is a new game, after all, and many players do not yet know these things. They"re like people who rarely play the Spy in Team Fortress 2. Playing the Infected takes awhile for most people to get used to. Managing the Survivors or Calling the Quits As someone who"s played the game a lot, I can say that it"s relatively easy to get a small group of players organized if they"re using voice chat. It"s much, much harder if they don"t have voice chat, so I think it"s okay to bail on them if all they"re going to do is screw around. I"ve personally bailed from games where 2 of the party members try to «speedrun» to the end of the map and not help those behind them. Leeroy Jenkins is a recipe for death. I trust many of the players in the private steam group that I"m in, where voice chat is more or less a necessity unless you want to be votekicked out, so it"s very easy to organize players if they"re willing to listen and use voice chat to communicate. I hope that you find this little guide helpful. I believe that the only sure way for you to get good at the game is to play with a group of friends or a Steam Group you can rely on and figure out how all the different weapons and tactics and zombies work through trial and error. Remember, there"s no better learning tool than playing the game itself.

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